International Database of Rare Trophoblastic Tumours

The PSTT, ETT and ultra-high risk GTN database project


The idea for the PSTT project originated from discussions at the International Society for the Study of Trophoblastic Diseases some years ago. It was agreed that that this database would be pivotal to our understanding of this rare form of trophoblastic disease and the UK group agreed to set this up.

Earlier versions of this database were too detailed and unwieldy. After discussions with our collaborators worldwide, the database was refined and shortened. It was also decided that data on endothelial trophoblastic tumours (ETTs) would be included.

The database

We now have data from thirteen countries - 323 patients, making this the largest ever collection of PSTTs and ETTs.

We have relaunched the project collecting data about Ultra High Risk Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasia along with previously unreported PSTT and ETT cases.

If you would like to take part in this exciting project please contact Dr Matt Winter or Professor Michael Seckl